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Field Services

There are two aspects to our field services, programme management and assembly support.

We provide programme management for instrumentation validation services, including delivery of materials and project management for the integration of specified instrumentation with the parts for manufacturing and upgrading of gas turbines and their components during outages. This work is normally carried out on-site during the upgrading of industrial gas turbines for power generation end customers. Applications are available for test vehicle OEM parts such as casings, blades, etc. on-site with the customer, test centre or power plant.

We offer assembly support for gas turbines (routing of measurement lines from the gas turbine to interfaces to the control room of the power plant).


We employ more than 40 instrumentation and mechanical fitters. Our working languages are German and English. The field service team can be deployed at customer sites worldwide. We offer a high level of flexibility due to our extensive turbine experience and expertise.

Our team has international experience in Europe, North America and Asia. We have more than 20 on-site assignments at our clients’ premises each year and an average of around four weeks per assignment.

Around half of our team of instrumentation technicians and planners is deployed permanently on-site, working on assignments for a variety of customers worldwide. 


We have a wealth of experience in the field of power generation and aerospace, along with successfully completed projects within the automotive industry. Our worldwide customer support experience since 2002 assures of the best possible service: “Quality made in Germany” - high quality guaranteed with full compliance according to DIN EN ISO 9100 & 14001.

At the same time, DIN EN ISO 27001 certification gives you the assurance of total customer confidentiality. We offer assessment of user instrumentation and visual inspection, which includes assessment of in-service instrumentation – visual and borescope inspections. Our availability and flexibility is excellent, with short lead times.