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Flow Measurement and Calibration

What is Flow Measurement?

Instruments for measuring the airflow are often not designed and built to a given standard or deviate from a standard specification.

Thereby the traceability to standards and the quality of the measurement results is not ensured. We offer our expertise and test facilities to establish this traceability by a specific calibration of the flow measurement device, in collaboration with partner organisations.

Alternatively a flow measurement device for customers may be calibrated on-site, e.g. by means of traversing with flow probes.


  • Recording of very small mass flows: use of specialised partner laboratories
  • Calibration for small mass flows of up to 2.2 kg/s (air) can be accommodated in the AneCom AeroTest flow lab (link)
  • Reference: example of massflow measurement by use of an orifice plate according to DIN EN ISO 5167, Mach-number related calibration
  • Mass flows of up to 70 kg/s: Mach number and/or Reynolds number related calibration in reference to an orifice plate  or a supersonic nozzle
  • Mass flows > 70 kg/s: measurement and analysis of the interface profiles, and applicability of the BS1042 standard
  • Consideration of the specific flow geometries and various operating conditions: measurement and analysis of boundary layer profiles and application of the BS1042 standard


  • Large hands-on experience with mass flow measurement in experimental test facilities from small to large scale
  • Access to various partner organisations with appropriate calibration facilities