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Fields of activity

If a passion for innovation and technology is what motivates you, then there is nothing that keeps you from joining AneCom AeroTest. You can start working with us at any stage of your career, irrespective of whether you are a professional, young professional, trainee, student or pupil. We welcome energetic and talented people across a variety of fields.

Start your career with us

Our marketing and sales team is the creative flagship of our company. United by enthusiasm for technology, our employees bring the most diverse experiences to the team. Our marketing and sales team develops exciting ideas and concepts to extend our service portfolio and optimise external communication for AneCom AeroTest. They are also responsible to acquire exciting customer projects. Besides building networks and relationships with new clients, they also take great care of our existing partners.

Our employees are responsible for the success of our company. Cooperative and trustworthy teamwork – it has to be right at an interpersonal level. Our human resources management is therefore made up of experienced staff and empathetic personnel, who are also able to “read between the lines”. The core task of the Human Resources department is to recruit employees who fit in with us. Moreover, the Human Resources department also supports us in an advisory capacity for organisational, employment legislation and of course, interpersonal matters.

Professionals who love figures and balancing of the books will also find challenging tasks in our commercial department. Colleagues in Purchasing and Controlling lead tough negotiations with our suppliers, as well as looking after budgets and the settlement of customer orders. The classic tasks of bookkeeping and accounting also fall within this area, which has a major effect on the financial control of the company.

Design and analysis engineers bring together key disciplines such as aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, design, stress analysis and materials technology –taking an all-round view of all technical requirements.

Our design and analysis engineers develop test vehicles (so called Test Rigs), individual parts and full instrumentation applications. All steps are carried out at AneCom AeroTest, from conceptual design to detail drawings of all individual components and the full integration of the test vehicles. By taking into account the requirements, such as service life, material strength and blading, as well as dynamic, static and cyclical loads, the components are constantly optimised.

Employees deployed in the design and layout of gas turbine components utilise tools such as Unigraphics – UG and ProE, as well as ANSYS and PATRAN, among others.

From the virtual world to reality. Our colleagues in the Instrumentation and Assembly department convert design drawings into real test objects. Together with our certified suppliers, our production managers implement the manufacturing of the prototypes. The employees who prepare the work also carry out the preparation and fitting of test objects in order for all relevant measurement data to be collected during the test and evaluated afterwards.

Our team offers customised instrumentation applications. With the skills of a craftsman, the precision of a watchmaker and a variety of techniques such as spot-welding, soldering and adhesive bonding, our employees apply millimetre-thin measuring components to the test vehicles and parts. In addition to the work carried out in our laboratory, we also offer our services on-site for clients worldwide, as required.

We test, measure and adjust to achieve high-quality results. Test engineers, measuring technology engineers, technicians and fitters work closely together to prepare, conduct and analyse the test operations. Our test team ensures the smooth running of aerodynamic tests on compressors, combustion chambers and turbines, as well as flow and acoustic tests on gas turbine components. They also undertake the calibration of flow probes and flow rate measuring equipment. Besides looking after our four test facilities, the team also regularly supports test procedures at external testing facilities.

As customer satisfaction is vital to us, we place a high priority on excellent project management, particularly for complex projects. Our project managers are involved in national and international projects, from the quotation phase through to the end of the project and are therefore able to guarantee the quality, on-time implementation and within budget delivery of the project.

They define the work package proceedings which can be carried out in parallel, plan the resources required and work in close cooperation with the specialist departments. They optimise the work processes and keep tight control on the progression of the project and the efficiency of the implementation. Our management of the project and our close cooperation with our clients play a large role in client satisfaction.

Career and development opportunities

Further development instead of stagnation:
good for you and the company.

We support you in your individual professional and personal development, whether in a management position, or in a project-related or technical career.

Our training plans therefore take into account your capabilities and career goals. Regular internal and external training, as well as on the job training are fixed features in our staff development programme.

Overcoming challenges together, growing healthily and venturing the next step – these are what concern us. We therefore invest in our employees and strengthen their skills through further training.

This is the best way to achieve our long-term objectives.