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Let us shape the future together

AneCom AeroTest GmbH is a leading development service provider in the field of gas turbine engines. As a medium-sized company, we offer our employees ideal conditions for a successful future –  occupational as well as private.

We also offer performance-based remuneration with many benefits, flexible working conditions that fit in with occupational and family life, as well as a range of sports and health services that keep you in shape for your career and your life.

Our committed employees have formed the basis of our success over the past 15 years. As we are growing continuously each year, we are always looking for people with different talents to become part of our success story and to stay focused on achieving outstanding performance.

Successful future

  • Performance-based remuneration
  • Attractive benefits
  • Flexible working conditions
  • Wide variety of sports
  • A range of regular health offers
  • Diversified scope of duties

Our values

Our work brings together people from many different nationalities, career backgrounds, experiences and strengths. This generates new ideas and services for our clients and optimally supports product development.

Our lean management structure and mutual teamwork means that exactly the right people come together to complete a task. As the doors of the department managers and CEO are always open, our decision-making processes are as simple as they could possibly be.

Individual development, efficiency, motivation and satisfaction stands at the centre of our working environment, involving open discussions with our employees.

Our company culture is based on the core values, which are the guidelines for our work and actions.

Our core values

Transparency, honesty and fairness form the basis of our work and our dealings with clients, business partners and employees. Valuing the confidence in every individual and their services is the most important basis of our mutual success.

We are a strong team, as every individual wants to contribute to our overall success. We therefore tackle things together, with colleagues supporting each other mutually and trustfully. We work hand in hand as a team. That makes us special and allows us to achieve our goals. This leads to our success.

We always aim to put ourselves in the position of our clients, therefore planning and structuring work, understand their requirements and expectations.  This gives our clients the confidence of having made the right choice, and us the confidence of meeting our clients’ expectations. This is how we tackle each technical challenge. 

Our aim is to focus on what is important and proceed in a professional manner. We take pragmatic decisions, without losing sight of the overall context and sustainability.

Our customised solutions require openness to new information and tasks. At the same time, this is both a challenge and motivation for us. What drives us is to look for new ways and solutions to be implemented with our combined skills.

We keep our promises. We stand for clarity and openness, as we mean what we say. We place great emphasis on respecting each other when it comes to working with our staff, our business partners and clients.

You can only fulfil client expectations if you know their requirements. We therefore take the time to get to know our clients and interested parties and to identify their requirements. As such we can take responsibility and fulfil customer expectations.

Together we are strong

Almost every task is an exciting challenge to us. Although our employees come from the most diverse areas of expertise, they are all united by the overall passion for developing turbine engines.

In our experienced teams, consisting of engineers, commercial employees and technicians, we always work in a solution and client orientated manner and have thus become one of the leading development partners in the industry for aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines.

We are constantly growing and shaping our future.