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Combustor Test

What is a combustor test

Combustor tests are carried out at external test facilities with certified partner companies or institutes as well as directly at the customer site.

We have also gathered special experience at the test facilities of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) in Cologne where more than 100 tests have been carried out since 2002 at the test facilities (HBK2, HBK3 and HBK5).


Based on our experience, here are some examples and technical data from the Institute of Propulsion Technology at the DLR:

  • Emission test, rumble test and optical exhaust gas measurement
  • EDS : optical admission, main air supply max. 1 kg/s, max. 20 bar, max 850 K
  • HBK1: main air supply - max. 2.2 kg/s, max. 20 bar, max.900 K
  • HBK2: main air supply - max. 30 kg/s, max. 40 bar, max. 920 K
  • HBK3: main air supply - max. 7 kg/s, max. 40 bar, max. 920 K
  • HBK4: main air supply - max. 45 kg/s, max. 40 bar, max. 920 K

Further experience has been accumulated at the altitude test facility of the University of Stuttgart, the Institute of Aircraft Propulsion Systems (ILA). The focus here is on ignition and extinguishing tests:

  • Air supply for flow rates up to 140 kg/s
  • Air condition can be adjusted between -60 °C and +170 °C at a pressure of 0.05 to 2.5 bar

We will be pleased to support you in searching for, selecting and carrying out of combustor tests at other external test facilities.


  • Experienced staff with more than 15 years of experience from more than 100 tests in the field of combustor testing
  • Support in the selection of suitable test facilities as well as a coordinated test programme
  • Execution of tests
  • Test vehicle assembly
  • Mechanical layout
  • Measurement technology installation/connection/checking
  • Customer-specific measurement data acquisition
  • Customer-specific data processing
  • Customer-specific documentation

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