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Whole Engine Test

What is a whole engine test

Final validation of a gas turbine is usually done by testing the whole engine under realistic operating conditions. Also whole engine testing is often used in gradual improvement programs for a specific engine. The majority of whole engine testing for aero engines is conducted in sea level test beds or outdoor test facilities on the ground. Special tests under cruise conditions are performed in altitude test facilities or flying test beds where engine inlet pressure and temperature are representative for flights in high altitudes. Sometimes just the gas generator - the so-called core engine, consisting of HP compressor, combustor and HP turbine – is tested as a system, usually in an altitude test facility. Industrial or power plant gas turbines are usually tested as a system on whole engine test facilities where the shaft power is driving either a generator or a suitable break system.

The engines are fitted with specific instrumentation parameters defined by the test objectives.
AneCom AeroTest supports customers in planning, designing and applying the instrumentation, selecting appropriate test facilities, providing data acquisition solutions for a specific test campaign or supporting commissioning of new test facilities or parts thereof. In addition we support the full engine test on-site at our customers’ facilities by providing highly experienced and flexible test engineers, as well as instrumentation and engine technicians.

Our Services

  • Support in selecting of suitable test facilities
  • Consulting services for the development of test schedules/test campaigns
  • Instrumentation design and application for full engine test
  • Provide data acquisition solutions for a specific test campaign
  • Flexible test crew that can be deployed worldwide
  • Support in commissioning of test facilities


  • Knowledge of gas turbine component functionality
  • Transfer of experience, comprehensive utilisation of hardware and methods, e.g. for measurement techniques
  • Strong experience in the specification and commissioning of test systems (mechanical systems and data acquisition)