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What is test vehicle design and test vehicle make?

In order to validate any new turbomachinery component design by testing their real behaviour you need a test vehicle which represents the new component and which allows the measurement of all required physical parameters. AneCom AeroTest´s test vehicle design and make services comprise the full spectrum of specification, engineering, instrumentation and build of test vehicles for aerodynamic and aero-acoustic validation of all kinds of turbomachinery components like Fans, Compressors, Combustors and Turbines. Almost all test vehicles that are provided by AneCom AeroTest will also be tested by us – either in our in-house test facilities or in the test facilities of our partner organisations.

Exemplary process

We typically start a test vehicle project with the requirements engineering focussing on customer´s specific objectives, the component validation strategy, the aerodynamical and mechanical requirements and the interfaces to the selected test facility. Based on these engineering requirements we mutually specify the major test vehicle attributes like test vehicle modularity, component lifing and measurement concept.

Concurrently, AneCom AeroTest develops different concept solutions and assesses with the customer the pro´s and con´s of the respective solution. One significant technical challenge in all types of test vehicles is the integration and lead out of a multitude of measurement parameters for performance and health monitoring without significantly affecting the aerodynamic behaviour, life or modularity of the components to be tested. Eventually, this highly interactive concept definition phase is completed with a conceptual general arrangement of the test vehicle for both mechanical and instrumentation design.

Once the concept is defined we commence the realization phase which comprises detailed engineering, parts manufacturing, instrumentation application and assembly of the test vehicle. In order to achieve the optimum output with regards to quality, schedule and cost this phase is as well characterized by interdisciplinary con-current teamwork which is led by our most experienced project managers. The technical solutions and results are audited and challenged in each phase by senior engineers who are not part of the specific project team. Eventually, this realization phase is completed with the handover of the test vehicle and its complete engineering documentation to our customer and the commissioning of the test vehicle in the selected test facility.

Based on our customer needs the work split between AneCom AeroTest and our customer is flexible for each test vehicle - we either provide 100% of the workscope (“one-stop-shop”) or only those parts that are meaningful for the specific job. In case the customer requests a re-build or modification of an existing test vehicle we also perform the strip, inspection and refurbishment of the used equipment.

As you can imagine, successful test vehicle design & make requires sound experience, technical and organisational flexibility as well as true participative collaboration between the customer and our team.


AneCom AeroTest supplies all services from one source up to manufacturing of a test vehicle:

  • Consultation, requirements engineering and specification
  • Design (test vehicle HW & instrumentation)
  • Analysis (stress, thermal, CFD, vibration)
  • PDM/BOM (part handling & parts list)
  • Design review @ engineering board
  • Manufacturing & reworking of hardware
  • Instrumentation application
  • Assembly & installation
  • Commissioning support


  • Customer IP protection is a key business principle for our operation as an independent service provider. This is ensured through a comprehensive information protection policy including access control to test facilities and dedicated test vehicle assembly bays.
  • We are testing the test vehicles on our own; hence we can provide full turn-key-solutions comprising the test vehicle, the test facility integration and the test operation; this provides multiple benefits to our customers like clear project responsibility, reduced interfaces, reduced risk and excellent trouble-shooting during test
  • We have gathered extensive practical lessons learnt on real mechanical and measurement behaviour from testing for a range of applications which are fed back into test vehicle design.
  • Our sound experience of test vehicle design and make with many different OEM´s has been embedded in our engineering standards, our processes and our senior specialists.
  • We provide all kinds of aerodynamic test vehicles: Fan, Compressor (HP, LP), Combustor, Turbine (HP, LP); this enables solution diversity and reduced interfaces
  • Our high vertical integration enables highest flexibility, teamwork and in-house competence

On-site team of …

  • more than 10 experienced project managers
  • more than 100 design and analysis engineers
  • more than 5 instrumentation and assembly planners
  • more than 40 instrumentation technicians and assembly fitters
  • more than 30 test and measurement engineers for consulting