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What are engineering solutions?

We support OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in the world of Industrial and Aerospace Gas Turbine development. With our services we provide bespoke engineering solutions to support our customer’s development activities in the form of product Design, Instrumentation and Analysis. The level of our service is adjusted to suit the customer’s specific requirements and can vary from integrated engineering support of single component development to the definition support and engineering of a whole validation & verification process in readiness for introducing a new product to market.

Who are we?

Our team of around 50+ engineers consists of analysis and design specialists with extensive knowledge in gas turbine and aero engine development activities. Our experience has been established on the back of intense involvement in several high profile engine and Test Vehicle development programs during the last 15 years. Our very competent and pro-active engineers are proud to contribute as part of a combined team with our customers to achieve a common goal.

What services do we provide (integrated / AneCom standard)?

The Engineering Solutions team provides tailor made engineering design and analysis support. This can be integrated into the customer’s organization or be a stand-alone service using either the customer’s, or our own internally developed methods, processes and procedures. We are particularly strong in the aspects of validation and instrumentation engineering using state of the art techniques and work closely with the our internal Instrumentation application team. In addition, we have extensive ongoing involvement with a market leading customer to provide engineering design and analysis support to meet the highly demanding certification requirements of rotating gas turbine components.



  • Start to finish service – all out of one hand, from initial concept to the realisation of final hardware & test
  • Work performed to either the customers standards or ACAT internal standards
  • Permanent or fluctuating load support according to customer requirements
  • Efficient engineering due to high level of cross functional specialist knowledge available at AneCom AeroTest (instrumentation build, stress, test & measurement, manufacturing etc.)
  • Fully embedded Quality process at leading to ‘right first time’ deliverables
  • Ability to provide a fully managed service based on the experience, competence and capabilities established over 15 years of consistent and successful global OEM-level service engagement.

Instrumentation Design

Instrumentation Design is an important part of the development process of turbo machines. The integration and accurate placement of telemetry and sensors on a tested part enables continuous monitoring of its behavior and is an essential aspect of product validation.

Instrumentation Design
AneCom AeroTest - Instrumented Casing

AneCom AeroTest -Validation Stategy
Validation Strategy

AneCom AeroTest staff, conversant with axial and radial gas turbine designs, has experience supporting OEMs, (industrial and aerospace) in helping define Validation Strategies and Engine Development Programs in collaboration with our customer’s engineering teams.

Validation Strategy

Component Design and Analysis

Our component design Team is supporting aerospace OEM’s with product and component design development activities on their behalf.

Our Analysis team works closely with Design to provide accurate 2D and 3D temperature and stress predictions of components within the gas...

Component Design and Analysis
Component Design Analysis