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Component Design

One of our key competences in the engineering services area is mechanical design of turbo machines for the industrial and aerospace gas turbine industry as well as rig design and test facility integration. We provide all required skills to layout and develop structural and rotating components such as blades and vanes, discs and shafts, bearing compartments and casings. We are able to provide a fully self-contained design service but have as well the capability to integrate into the engineering organization of our customers. Due to a close link to our internal analysis and instrumentation design team we can provide final design definitions for test in the most efficient manner with a minimum of iterations.


The use of the latest finite element methods in conjunction with specialist software codes enables a clear understanding of temperatures, pressures and stress distributions occurring on a part as well as its vibrational response throughout a given load cycle.

In addition to ensure the safe design of high integrity components, the analysis team also provides support that is more specific to instrumentation and test. This includes the positioning of strain gauge and thermocouple sensors on rig test hardware for the purposes of parameter monitoring and component validation.