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Flow Lab

What is a Flow Lab

The AneCom AeroTest flow lab consists of an open wind tunnel which is used for

  • calibration of flow probes, e.g. multi-hole probes or kielhead sensors on instrumented blades
  • Investigation of flow characteristics of smaller components, e.g. cooled blades, valves, pipes and duct systems
  • Investigations of the airflow around the sensors (e.g. the recovery effect from temperature sensors)

By means of similarity laws research can be carried out to determine the transferability of results from scaled experimental models to real conditions.


  • Freeflow tunnel with a jet outlet diameter of 80 mm
  • Mach numbers from 0.1 to almost 1
  • Mass flow up to 2.2 kg/s
  • Pressures up to 9.6 bar
  • Traversing system available with 1 radial and 2 circumferential degrees of freedom
  • Available measurement technology:
    • Mass flow
    • Pressures
    • Temperatures


  • Calibration of the in-house developed sensors – the complete measurement assignment (preparation of a measurement concept, design, production, assembly and calibration of the measurement parameters) carried out from one source
  • Traceability of the measurements by working with calibrated measurement technology
  • High quality due to proven process