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Compressor Test

Compressor Test Capabilities

  • Testing of compressors for new or further development of existing aircraft engine applications or industrial gas turbines
  • Individual testing of the operating characteristics of a compressor (low-pressure-, medium-pressure- and high-pressure compressor)
  • Determination of the operating limits of a compressor
  • Comparison of the test results with the numerical layout (CFD) of the compressor and determination of the potential for improvement of the numerical algorithms
  • High resolution measurement technology used to identify the operating characteristics of the compressor


  • Compressor testing up to 18,000 kW (24,000 HP) drive power
  • Realistic test conditions due to extraction and supply of secondary air (bleed air) to the compressor using 11 controllable pipeline measuring sections
  • Control of up to 5 (can be extended to 7) variable guide vane stages in the compressor test vehicle
  • Speeds of up to 15,200 RPM
  • Splitflow test facility with maximum mass flow of 200 kg/s at the inlet, 150 kg/s at the bypass and 65 kg/s at the core
  • Reduction of inlet pressure down to 0.2 bar
  • Maximum compressor outlet conditions of T=460 °C and P=11.0 bar in the bypass flow (or as single flow)
  • Hydraulically driven axial thrust compensation with maximum 80 kN
  • Speeds of up to 24.000 RPM
  • Primary single flow test facility with maximum mass flow of 50 kg/s (extension to split flow possible)
  • Reduction of inlet pressure down to 0.2 bar
  • Maximum compressor outlet conditions of T=640 °C and P=21.4 bar
  • Inlet air temperature can be increased by up to 100 °C


  • Turnkey services from a single source: Testing, including design, production, instrumentation and assembly of the test vehicle
  • AneCom AeroTest has the possibility to test various types of test vehicles. We have several test facilities available, comprehensive measurement technology in use and various support systems are offered or can be retrofitted
  • Wide-ranging experience in the compressor testing sector based on the diverse requirements of different customers since 2002, with up to 7 compressor tests per year
  • Due to double shifts, we offer up to 12 hours of testing time per day
  • Customers do not have to invest their capital in own testing facilities

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