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Instrumentation Design

In the modern engineering world newly developed products are being designed to operate safely but close to their performance limits. Designing to these limits requires intensive product testing in order to validate the component’s design intent and its life and integrity requirements. In order to test a product, a test and validation strategy is defined which includes specific test requirements. Our Instrumentation Design team takes these test requirements and provides design solutions to support a successful test program.

  • Either when a product’s baseline design has been finalized or at an earlier stage of the mechanical design phase, the instrumentation design solutions are initiated, which involve the incorporation of measurement sensor hardware onto, e.g. gas turbine discs, blades, vanes, casings to monitor e.g. stress, temperature, displacement, pressure, life cycle limitations etc.

  • To physically incorporate a sensor onto a product, a design concept is created which reworks existing components and modules as well as the design of new components which have to be incorporated into the existing design environment with minimum effect on the tested part’s performance and behavior (e.g. pressure, speed, air flow). Our team has broad experience of successfully dealing with challenging aspects of sensor integration and application at positions which are subject to extreme operating environments such as high temperatures, speeds and highly stressed components in oily and space limited positions.
  • A further part our Instrumentation Design skills that we offer is the design and integration of the telemetry units required to transfer measurement signals wirelessly between rotating and static components.
  • The final aspect of our engineering services provided by our team is flexibility to accommodate the customer requirements that often occur shortly before test. To support this in the best possible manner, we provide competent customer onsite representatives as an interface to efficiently react to any such requirements/changes and to achieve the common goal of a successful test run.