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Our Market

As soon as you deal with turbomachinery validation – whether it´s about an industrial gas turbine, an aero engine, a compressor
or a steam turbine – we are the right partner for you.
Starting with our in-house Compressor Test Centre and our instrumentation design services in 2002, we meanwhile support our customers in their whole validation process including the full provision of heavily instrumented test vehicles, on-site measurement solutions and aerodynamic testing of all kinds of turbomachinery components wherever and whenever.

Our Customers

Our Customers are usually global OEMs who (firstly) develop or improve turbo machines and who (secondly) need outmost validation engineering and aerodynamic testing expertise and who (thirdly) trust in AneCom AeroTest´s professionalism.
Would you expect a list of customers here?

Sorry, but we would never provide any non-public information - not even our customer names. As an independent validation partner for tomorrow´s technologies, full customer data protection is our first priority.

Our Contribution

As an independent provider of a truly unique combination of aerodynamic test and engineering capabilities, who bundles the validation testing demands of many OEM´s, we offer leading-edge technology. Traditionally, these services are very capital-intensive but not necessarily core capabilities of our customers. Besides the advantages from our business model our customers especially value AneCom AeroTest´s outmost reliability and discretion.

Looking at single customer projects, our specific value is based on the precise determination of each projects challenges and the conjoint development of reasonable solutions well ahead of project kick-off. During project fulfillment we certainly manage quality, schedule, cost and risk - but our special focus is on flexibility which is so often demanded from our customers’ fast-changing R&D environment. 

We believe that beyond business development a company - as part of a local network of communities and organisations -  has also a social responsibility. We therefore regulary support various charity organisations, cultural events and sports clubs in the region.

Our Facilities

Besides our ultimate pride since 2002 – our Compressor Test Centre – we have established a perfect infrastructure for our still enlarging service portfolio.This includes our 4 separated rig assembly bays, our Universal Fan Facility for Acoustics (UFFA), our fully equipped instrumentation application laboratory, our flexible rework machinery and last but definitely not least our neoteric engineering offices.

Complementary, we created an international network of highly specialized partners and suppliers which provide i.a. combustor and turbine test facilities. All these capabilities are basically available for all our customers – our experienced project managers pool them in the most reasonable combination for each individual project.

Our Organization

When AneCom AeroTest was founded in 2002 we started with 20 employees, one customer, ten suppliers
and a straight forward 5-page quality plan.

Today, we employ about 105 employees of 8 different nations, collaborate with more than 60 customers and 150 suppliers and run our advanced quality system certified according to EN DIN 9100:2018 (technically equivalent to AS9100D and JIS Q 9100:2016 and in conformity with the requirements of ISO 9001 :2015)

While we have grown our organization - and enforcedly its complexity - we are minimizing administrative burden and keep our engineers´ focus on pure engineering. Hence, more than 80% of our employees are technical specialists or experienced engineers in fields such as aerospace technology and related areas which includes design and analysis engineers, industrial mechanics, instrumentation specialists, project managers and test engineers.

We offer a professional service in a high tech field – but we were also able to preserve a fine sense of humor through the years. Feel free to test the combination!

Our History

  1. New Managing Director Dr. Karsten Mühlenfeld

    Dr. Karsten Mühlenfeld is named as new Managing Director and taking over the responsibilities of Dr. Edmund Ahlers.

  2. Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Siemens Energy

    25th March 2020


  3. 15th anniversary

    20th September 2017

    AneCom AeroTest celebrates its 15th anniversary with employees, politicians, suppliers and partners.

  4. 200 employees

    September 2017

    AneCom AeroTest continuous to grow and we welcome our 200th employee.

  5. Throttle system upgrade

    July 2017

    Upgrade on throttle system for the noise test stand.

  6. 10 Years Anniversary

    20th September 2012

    10 Years Anniversary celebrated with guests from politics, suppliers and customers.

  7. 18MW Electromotor control system modernazation

    20th September 2011

    Modernazation of the 18MW Electromotor control system.

  8. Certification renewed

    June 2010

    Certification for the management System DIN EN ISO 9100:2003 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 renewed.

  9. 2nd Otto Lilienthal Prize

    May 2008

    2nd Otto Lilienthal Prize for the development of an unversial test vehicle.

  10. 100 employees

    April 2007

    We welcome our 100th employee.

  11. Instrumentation Labratory opening

    April 2007

    Opening of the state-of -the-art Instrumentation Labratory with controlled climate conditions

  12. DIN EN ISO 9100:2003 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2003

    March 2007

    DIN EN ISO 9100:2003 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2003 successfully received

  13. Otto Lilienthal prize

    May 2005

    First award for the company, the Otto Lilienthal prize which is awared to companies from the aerospace industry with special, innovative service and a high proximitiy to market needs.

  14. Test bed for IP Compressors goes Online

    August 2004

  15. Fan noise and perfomance test bed goes online

    May 2004

    The fan noise and performance test bed goes into service and AneCom AeroTest sucessfully receives  the DIN EN ISO 9001 accreditation.

  16. Test Bed for HP Compressor goes online

    September 2003

    The test bed for the HP compressors goes into service.

  17. Company founded
    Foundation of the AneCom AeroTest GmbH

    20th September 2002

    AneCom AeroTest was founded.