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Fan Noise and Performance Test

About Fan noise and performance test

AneCom AeroTest operates Europe’s largest anechoic chamber for testing acoustic noise emission on fans. The objective is to understand the generation and propagation of noise due to the interaction of the fan with its environment and to validate mechanisms for preventing or suppressing noise.

Our anechoic chamber acts as an infinite free field array due to the absence of reflected sound. With our anechoic chamber, rain and storms, which might literally ruin a test in reality, remain a non-issue 365 days of the year.

For high-resolution identification of the operational characteristics and acoustic behaviour, we operate a variety of measurement technologies for which we install up to 500 acoustic sensors, such as microphones, in the test vehicle alone.

UFFA - Universal Fan Facility for Acoustic

Our UFFA test vehicle complements our anechoic chamber. This is a versatile and adaptable modular test vehicle. Customer-specific hardware can be adjusted with relatively little effort to fit into the UFFA test vehicle.

A common infrastructure is provided for the testing of hardware for various customers. Customer owned test vehicles are therefore not required for their fan noise and performance projects.

UFFA as a tool for validation

The UFFA test vehicle is used for validation from hardware development (fan, OGV, liner, struts, nacelles, etc.) as well as from calculation models under real conditions (fan noise, propagation of noise in the bypass duct, noise insulation from liners, effect of noise on aerodynamics, effects of acoustic hardware on flutter).


General test facility capabilities:

  • Fan/compressor test up to 18,000 kW (24,000 HP) drive power
  • Primary splitflow test facility, maximum mass flow 118 kg/s at the inlet, 103 kg/s at the bypass and 24.2 kg/s in the core
  • Anechoic  chamber with a surface area of 1,000 m²  and a low reflection range of 200 Hz - 40 kHz

Quality characteristics through the use of the UFFA test vehicle:

  • Nominal fan diameter of 869mm (34,2’) with a maximum rotational speed of 10,000 RPM. The bypass ratio is largely variable, depending on the layout of the fan module as specified by the customer.
  • Noise emission measurable in front of and behind the fan with more than 500 acoustic measurement devices
  • Fan efficiency measurement


Working with AneCom AeroTest gives you a variety of benefits.

We offer a complete package covering everything from concept, design and production of the test hardware up to subsequent testing. Through modularity of the UFFA test vehicle, testconfigurations can quickly be implemented and modified, which speeds up the tests.

Miscellaneous bypass ratios of the fan module can be tested, as specified by the customer. Experienced staff (more than 20 dedicated test and measurement technology engineers and 10 experienced test vehicle technicians).

Due to the reuse of the modular UFFA hardware, we provide considerable savings in terms of development time and costs. Changing of the customer-relevant components on the UFFA test vehicle is sufficient.

Measurement Capabilities

  • EDAS (Enhanced Data Acquisition System) and DDS (Dynamic Data System) with a variety of measurement possibilities
  • 19 vibration measurements
  • data transfer of rotating parts via telemetry system - strains and temperatures
  • NSMS (tip timing) and tip clearance measurements
  • 2 circumferential traversing units for rakes or microphone traversing
  • 384 dynamic measurement channels
  • 842 pressure measurement channels
  • 400 temperature measurement channels
  • 150 analogue input channels plus 120 channels for miscellaneous signal types

AneCom AeroTest services contact
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Manager Marketing and Sales
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