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Testing and Engineering Services

Our company is actively involved in the development and validation of gas turbines. We focus particularly on aerodynamic and aero-acoustic testing of components for aero engines and industrial gas turbines, e.g. on fans, compressors, combustors, turbines and other flow components.

Standardised or tailor-made Solution

The portfolio range includes a complete package for test vehicle design and manufacturing, including the procurement of hardware, associated instrumentation application and assembly of the test vehicle, testing and delivery of the test data collected to the customer.

Vigorous project management ensures top quality, delivered on time and within budget of such complex projects. The overall project is complemented by our standard, as well as special measurement technology and equipment – from design and application up to data collection during the test.

Fan and compressor tests are carried out on one of our three in-house test beds at the Wildau site. AneCom AeroTest operates two of these test facilities for aerodynamic tests and one for aero-acoustic tests in our Anechoic Chamber, measuring approximately 10.000 m³.

Combustor and turbine tests are conducted by certified partner companies and organisations within Germany.

Aerodynamic Testing

Aerodynamic teams of gas turbine manufacturers use state of the art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation techniques to optimise engine components. AneCom AeroTest performs aerodynamic tests to provide the “real” engine performance data, as required by the OEMs...

Our Aerodynamic Testing Services
Aerodynamic testing at AneCom AeroTest

AneCom AeroTest - Test Vehicle Design and Make
Test Vehicle Design and Make

AneCom AeroTest assists manufacturers of aero engines and industrial gas turbines world-wide with the design, analysis and manufacturing of test vehicles (so called test rigs) which are required to test components such as fans, compressors, combustors and turbines.

Our Test Vehicle Design and Make Services

Engineering Solutions

Our engineering capabilities include the assistance in engine development programs, the full instrumentation design, modification of parts, routing of cables and tubes, up to fitting of special components such as traverse equipment and telemetry systems.

Our Engineering Solutions
AneCom AeroTest - Engineering Support

AneCom AeroTest - Instrumentation and Application
Instrumentation and Application

With our team of over fourty instrumentation technicians, AneCom AeroTest applies the specified instrumentation to the highest standards and quality. Our portfolio includes instrumentation of gas turbine components, rakes and probes, telemetry systems, slip ring units,...

Our Instrumentation and Application Services

Field Services

If you require onsite support during your outings, or you need extra hands to assist your team with instrumentation and assembly of gas turbine parts and components, our highly flexible and experienced team of technicians is ready to support you.

Our Field Services
Field services at AneCom AeroTest