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What does my dad actually do when I'm in the daycare?

This question was also asked by Naila (5 years), as her father works as a test engineer at our company. And if on this day sentences such as "Cool, you also have walkie-talkies?" or "Look how fast my windmill turns ..." echoed through the corridors of the company, this had nothing to do with the normal tone of our employees.

The preschool children of the "Kita am Markt" were the ones who visit the AneCom AeroTest as part of the project "We visit Papa and Mama at work"- in order to get a good impression of their tasks at work. 

After a first reception, with visibly tasty jelly bears and colorful windmills, the little ones made their way through the company with Naila's Papa Bert Krause. Here, for example, they learned that noise tests are performed by AneCom AeroTest for parts of aircraft engines - and there is a large test bench: "Almost half a football field fits in the anechoic (sound) chamber," says Bert Krause.

The highlight of the company tour for the Kita group was the demonstration of a flying forklift at the heavy load crane in the assembly hall of AneCom AeroTest:
"Our crane can carry a maximum of 10 tons. It is so strong that it can lift 10 small cars at the same time, "says Bert Krause.

AneCom AeroTest GmbH is a worldwide partner for development programs in the aircraft engine and gas turbine industry, located in the southeast of Berlin. Our customers trust the capabilities of our team with more than 200 employees for tailor-made solutions in aerothermal testing of turbomachinery modules, including the management of complexed projects.

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