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Vacuum chamber for testing components of electric drives for the industry

We aim to simulate a vacuum and various thermal conditions in a thermal vacuum chamber with a diameter of approximately 3 meters and a length
of 3.5 meters for testing components of electrical drives for the aerospace industry.
There will be sufficient space available to extend the vacuum chamber or couple it with other equipment, allowing us to operate and assess additional components in a more complex, system representative setup, such as with a load generator and torque measuring device under normal atmospheric conditions on a neighboring machine bed. Temperature monitoring and rotating– to-static gap measurement in modern electric motor operation is recognised as important data to measure and monitor.
We can ensure component protection against excessive heat generation whilst maximizing the power and torque capabilities during testing, and we will offer the full service to obtain and monitor this data when necessary. Our vacuum chamber will be capable of achieving a pressure minimum of 0.2 bar abs, and we will have electrical power available up to approximately 1 megawatt.
If needed, we will have a cooling water system and air supply systems for temperature control to condition test specimens.
In addition an adjacent exhaust air connection can be used for the removal of warm or hot exhaust air. Through integration into existing test beds we will have extensive monitoring, instrumentation, and measurement technology available.

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