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"A prime example for a medium sized Company" - Minister Albrecht Gerber congratulates AneCom AeroTest on its 15th birthday

15 Years AneCom AeroTest

On 20th September AneCom AeroTest celebrated the fiftieth birthday of its foundation at a summer courtyard festivity in Wildau with representatives from politics, clients, partner, suppliers and employees. 

100 % passion, 5475 days, 80 test campaigns, 1400 projects, 17 nations, 1.072 Anecom years combined experience, 15 years reliable partner in turbo machinery industry: “Thank you for having placed your trust in us” was the message to all invited guests and employees.

The welcome reception follows with ceremonial speeches from Brandenburg Minister of Economic Affairs, Albrecht Gerber , the Chief Executive of the District Dahme-Spreewald, Stephan Loge and Managing Director and Founder Edmund Ahlers. Minister Albrecht Gerber said in his festivity speech: “AneCom AeroTest is a prime example for a medium sized company.” Also, Stephan Loge praised the significance of the company and major employer in the region. Real fun was, as Minister Gerber finally gave Edmund a little riddle of three quotes from  Asterix and Oblelix to match them successfully, because our testbeds designated after the comic. The riddle could be solved with the team, so Edmund won a barrel of beer for our next corporate event.

Furthermore in the last 15 years a lot of wishes for our company come true, so we decided to to abstain from flowers and presents for our Company Anniversary. Hence, we will be delighted our guests to support our charity project “Der Brandenburger Wünschewagen” with a donation. The project supports last Heart's Desires from seriously ill people like: “Just see for the last time the ocean” or “Take part at the wedding from the children” etc. 
In this way we were able to gather the total sum of € 3,600.00 which was donated by minister Albrecht Gerber and Dr. Edmund Ahlers to Hans-Jürgen Haase (Managing Director of the ASB and Brandenburger Wünschewagen) at the conclusion of the official celebrations.

As mentioned by Dr. Edmund Ahlers, managing director of AneCom AeroTest “We must reassess our values: For me, tolerance, honesty, the readiness to help others and solidarity are the basic principles of coexistence and to set such an example is important in today’s time of populism and simple truths. Many people are not aware that such a small supporting act, a handshake, a smile or a word of courage can achieve so much. That is why I enjoy supporting voluntary work and community-oriented projects such as the “Brandenburger Wünschewagen”. For me it is a pleasure and I see it as a necessity to set an example for solidarity in our society and to pass this on to others.”

At the end of the official speeches, a simulated power loss provided an element of surprise. Our employees distributed clap banners amongst the guests and encouraged all the guests to clap to the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. The sides of the marquee opened to the beat and invited the guests to the flying buffet and subsequent get-together.

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